DG SKINCARE Hand & Footcream with aloe vera 150ml e for ladies and gentlemen



Delicious nourishing hand- and footcream that

provides skin valuable ingredients and aloe vera.

This special cream from DG SKINCARE makes

the skin moisturised, silky and smooth, while

the cream effectively repairs dry, hard and

cracked skin.


Exclusion of ingredients:



The product DG SKINCARE Hand & Footcream does

NOT contain the following ingredients:


Dye stuff

Parabens (4-Hydroxybenzoic acid) and their salts and esters

D4 (Octametylcyclotetrasiloxsan) CAS 556-67-2

D5 (Decametylcyclopentasiloxsan) CAS 541-02-6

Borates or perborates

Nitromusk or polycyclic musk compounds


Etylene diamine tetraacetate EDTA) and its salts



Dermatologically tested

Human Patch Test



DG SKINCARE Hand & Footcream was tested under the

supervision of a dermatologist in a laboratory specialised in

dermatological testing.


The human patch test was carried out on 50 volunteers.


The result:

None of the participants showed any reaction on the

test product.


Even the participants with sensitive skin tolerated the

product very well.


On the basis of the test result and under the test

conditions, the product is to be classified as "harmless"

regarding thepossibility of skin irritation.


Mikrobiological stability:

Hand & Footcream was tested at the institute for the

efficacy and antimicrobial preservation.


pH-Value: The result:

Specified pH-value 4,5 - 5,1


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